Girls Basketball’s Achievement Through Adversity

By: Henry Chiles For the seniors on Central’s girls basketball team, the past few years have been full of disappointment. Senior players Sara Hogan, Kylie Frey, Adriana Araya, and Brianna Feliccitti dealt with Covid-related complications during their freshman and sophomore years, as well as an unfortunate outcome in their junior season. This year has been… Continue reading Girls Basketball’s Achievement Through Adversity


The Student Section and the Buzzer Beater

By: Brooke Carrier Attending basketball games at Central was already exciting, but the debut of a student section this year has brought the energy of the games to a whole new level. In the student section, students dress in accordance with a different theme each game. Past themes at Central have included pajamas, black-out (wear… Continue reading The Student Section and the Buzzer Beater


Central’s Girls Tennis: A Decade of Dominance

 Henry Chiles (282) The Girls' Varsity Tennis team has cemented itself as a pillar of athletic success at Central High School. The team has exemplified dominance over the better part of the past decade, clinching 8 straight Public League Championships prior to this year. Their success continued into the 2022 season, as they swept Masterman… Continue reading Central’s Girls Tennis: A Decade of Dominance


The stress of being a student-athlete as a freshman – is it worth it?

By: Nica Jurlando (285) Hundreds of students at Central participate in sports every season. Whether that sport is soccer, field hockey, or badminton, students are expected to show up to practice every day after school for over two hours. On top of that, student-athletes must keep their grades up to meet the academic standards to… Continue reading The stress of being a student-athlete as a freshman – is it worth it?

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The Challenge of Central Sports Teams

By: Henry Chiles (282) Central offers an impressively diverse array of sports to play. What other school has official golf, football, cheerleading, badminton, wrestling, and bowling teams? The amount of options available for every Central athlete is great, but unfortunately it also creates many challenges. Each sports team at Central is affected by frustrating external… Continue reading The Challenge of Central Sports Teams


Student-Athletes Required Vaccination to Play

By: David Ehrlich (284) The School District of Philadelphia recently announced that students who would like to participate in school sports must provide proof of full Covid vaccination. The deadline for verification of vaccination is December 18, 2021, and the spring sports’ deadline is March 1, 2022. If students are practicing sports without vaccination proof… Continue reading Student-Athletes Required Vaccination to Play