The Student Section and the Buzzer Beater

By: Brooke Carrier

Attending basketball games at Central was already exciting, but the debut of a student section this year has brought the energy of the games to a whole new level. In the student section, students dress in accordance with a different theme each game. Past themes at Central have included pajamas, black-out (wear all black), white-out, sports jerseys, Central gear, Nike apparel, and costumes. Students pack together on the bleachers to cheer on and support their classmates, and have made a significant impact on how the student-athletes feel on the court. Senior captain Sizwe Morris-Louis loves the camaraderie because “whether it’s getting in the heads of opponents or cheering for us after we make plays, [the student section] is like the sixth player on the court at all times.”

A noteworthy game was the matchup between Central and Palumbo. Tensions were high the entire game and the student section contributed to the competitive atmosphere. As there were less than 5 seconds on the game clock and the final buzzer approached, Palumbo was in the lead by 2. Central gained possession and put the ball in the hands of sophomore Salim Kelly. Kelly bolted down the court before pulling up for a deep three-pointer and sinking it as the buzzer went off, making the final score 57-56. The student section raced from the bleachers and swarmed the court to celebrate the remarkable victory. In the moment of being surrounded by his team and Central students, Kelly describes having a “wild feeling that felt really great.” He admits that as soon as he shot the game-winner, he “felt it was good and just waited for it to go in.”

The student section has increased student involvement in athletics and created a sense of community through solidarity. It has been an exciting addition to Central and will hopefully stay and thrive for the coming years.

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