The Art of Doing Homework in the Hallway

By: Irene Hong 285

At first impression, the way Central students are found scattered throughout the school hallways is reminiscent of a modern-day Renaissance scene. The sounds of paper rustling, pens clicking, and friends enduring complaints about the amount of homework assigned, fill the air. Whether it be an essay, math problems, or memorizing important dates for history, you will always catch someone grinding through an assignment.

Hallways are considered, by many, to be the most accessible place to do work. Often, the library’s maximum capacity fills up faster than a Central student’s calendar after the start of a new school year, and working in the cafeteria is prone to distractions. The perfect balance is found in this halfway zone, which is spacious and quiet. A poll conducted shows that over sixty-three percent of students agree that they like to study in the hallways.

Tables, chairs, and benches can even be found in the hallways to accommodate students since so many are inclined to spend their time there. You won’t have trouble finding a nice space to work. There are many options based on your preferences, whether it be the second-floor alcove near the Spain Conference Center, or the music hall, where calming instrumental playing can be heard throughout the day.

Additionally, if you walk down the halls, you will notice that uplifting behavior from students is prevalent. You can see students guiding and collaborating with one another to understand concepts or explain how to answer a question. Supporting others in this way is a point of pride as Lancers, and it further displays and amplifies the art that is doing homework in the hallways. Even an outsider can see that there is a sign of unity in our community through the tendencies of Central students, doing homework and encouraging each other, in shared spaces like these. 

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