The API Showcase

By: Deborah Odunuyi (284)

Diversity is a huge focus at Central High School, evidenced by the multitude of showcases we’ve had where students showed pride in their heritage. Back in February, the African American Student Union had their AASU Showcase in which Black students at Central displayed their passion for their backgrounds. Next was the fantastic International Day Showcase, a day for celebrating cultures from all around the world. 

This time, we got a performance that made history: the very first in-person Asian and Pacific Islander Showcase at Central – and it did not disappoint! Read on to relive the magical event. 

The show opened with two lion puppets marching down the aisle. People ooh-ed and awed as the lions passed them, a great teaser of what was to come. The API Showcase began with a powerful speech from Lin Lin, the president of the Asian Pacific Islander Union. Their message about anti-Asian violence and sticking together as a community was heartfelt and truly touching.

Numerous clubs and students performed captivating acts. Some of the highlights include a piece of Chinese opera from Central’s own “Bruce Lee” otherwise known as Henry Huynh (281), a performance from the Belly Dancing Association, a foot-stepping dance by the Middle Eastern and North African Society (MENAS), some spoken word poetry from Feminists of Asian Minorities (FAM), a song sung by Judy Truong (281), a rendition of “A Whole New World” by Marcela Siahaan (281) and Francis Nguyen (281), dazzling dances by the Korean Student Association (KSA), and more! Of course, we can’t forget Jerry Meak (281), the main host who gave the showcase a humorous spice. 

The API Showcase is an exciting addition to Central’s line of showcases and  am eager to see it continue many years down the road. 

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