Y’all Thought We’re Lazy?

By: Jacky Hanc (283) Silly Goose #1, Edison Lin (283) Silly Goose #2

From 8:00 am to 8:53 am, a daily rotation of students at Central High School are blessed with an open advisory period. During this time, each student in the student body dedicates their time solely to harnessing their unique strengths. While many assume that students waste their open advisory time scrolling on their phones and chatting with friends, that could not be further from the truth. According to a recent study from Harvard, Central students are spending their time on productive activities, such as perfecting their culinary skills, writing poetry, and even finding a cure for cancer. This legitimate study reveals that the days of procrastination are far behind us, as students now seek to change the world during their open advisory periods.

In fact, one student, Joe Da-Dal, claims that “the 53 minutes of open advisory every week, gave [them] enough time to cure world hunger.” Da-Dal is one of the many bright minds who break the stereotype of the “lazy student.” Another student named Jim Ma-Mal witnessed the military conflicts throughout the world, and sought change. During each open advisory period, Ma-Mal would meticulously plan ways to bring about world peace, and just three weeks later, Ma-Mal set forth a successful plan that ended the war between Russia and Ukraine. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his valiant effort in contributing to everlasting world peace. A sophomore from Central, Jane Bil-Bal, singlehandedly advanced the field of quantum mechanics by three decades. In an interview, Bil-Bal claimed that he “studies two hours of physics during open advisory, instead of playing chess.” Da-Dal, Ma-Mal, and Bil-Bal are just a few of the countless academic machines produced by open advisory at Central.

So next time you think students are just wasting their free time, think again. They may be working harder than you ever imagined, and who knows? They may just change the world.

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