Why Central should implement AP Physical Education

By: Cierra Lyles

As a junior of Central High school, I have the pleasure to experience the exhilaration that comes with Physical Education class. I myself am top of Mr. Freeland’s class, with 50 push-ups in one minute and a 96 on the pacer test. I have also gotten a 110 in every activity we have played, including simply getting changed. With that being said, I am an avid advocate for the addition of a new AP Class to Central’s curriculum: AP Physical Education!

You must be wondering, “Why is this so important to the development of our young adults’ minds? Isn’t there a better class our students could be taking?” Well, the same argument could be had for courses like Food Science, which is known for just making mac and cheese. You see, what sets Phys-Ed aside from the rest is the effect that it has on the emotional development of us teenagers. We are able to explore our ambitious side thanks to the competitiveness of the different sports whilst also getting our heart pumping. Plus, we are also given the opportunity to build lifelong friendships with our fellow classmates through working together to meet our common goal of winning.

“What would the curriculum of this class even be?” some might add. It’s rather simple in my opinion. Before entering this rigorous program, students would be expected to make certain requirements. Here’s a list of what these demands would be:

  1. 100 pushups in 2 minutes
  2. Must be able to climb the rope
  3. At least a 90 on the pacer test
  4. 80 sit ups in 1 minute
  5. Plays at least 3 varsity sports (must start on all of them)

Along with these requirements will be a special standardized test that focuses specifically on the rules, regulations, and facts of each mainstream sport. Tests would consist of questions like “Who was the 54th pick in the 1983 NFL draft,” “Are you allowed to use your hat to catch a ball in Baseball,” or, “How many teeth must you lose in hockey in order to be benched.” Questions as simple as these should be easy as pie for those who would be contenders for this program. Once enrolled in the course, students will be introduced to college-level training and conditioning. Students will cultivate their understanding of athletics through participation in different sports, film, and exercise. They will explore concepts of team-building, personal strength, and other techniques.

Another important reason why Central should implement this course is because it fits into their core values. At Central, it is important that all students feel comfortable and a part of the environment, including athletes. So, by introducing this class to the students of Central, everyone will have the chance to feel seen and heard through their niche all while getting that 2.0 GPA boost.

With all of this reasoning, it is only logical for this class to enter the course catalog next winter. The students of Central will do nothing but benefit from it and at the end of the day, the real question people should be asking is, “Why shouldn’t Central have AP Physical Education?”

By: Cierra Lyles, a Gym Tryhard.

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