Robotics kids make MEGAN

By: Andrew Row, Central conspiracy theorist

As the influence of AI grows, with homework helpers like ChatGPT, the world has begun to question what relationship humanity should have with artificial intelligence. The question of whether AI can gain its own consciousness, uncontrolled by humans, has been pondered by scientists and sci-fi authors alike for generations, and recently, the Central Robotics team.

Though no one really knows what the robotics team does in that stowed away room all day, an inside source on the Central Robotics team (the Robolancers), has revealed that said the Robolancers were curious about AI and robot technology. According to our source,there may be a new secret project- an AI doll. 

The intention behind the new project was unclear- our informant only said that it was an AI doll, lovingly called T3gan, and that it “could do some pretty cool dances”. Our source was worried about the potential implications of this robot- they fear that the Robolancers have less control over “T3gan” than they think, and that she could go crazy. 

When asking the Robolancers about T3gan and these anxieties about the so-called “robopocalypse”, they declined to comment. Our secret informant did not come to school the next day, so whatever secrets the Robolancers are guarding, they are guarding them tightly. 

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