Performing Arts Center Coming Soon!

Jennifer Tran (282) Desk Doodler

In a stunning display, the administration of Central High School announced the construction of a state-of-the-art, multi-million dollar art building. Since its unveiling in 2017, the building has been making steady progress and students can look forward to admiring it from afar soon.

The arts facility is developing quickly on the school’s campus lawn beside the original building. Students and teachers can already see the sleek and modern design which features the spacious studios with ample natural light, and the pristine equipment, all brought up by the intense construction that has been happening in the past few years. 

The new building will contain state-of-the-art music technology labs and facilities for art students where funds will mainly be allocated. Yes, you heard that right; the new resources will balance out Central High School’s lack of resources, including its outdated textbooks and broken heating system. Of course, the administration understands there is no point in focusing on a building that is already broken – making a new one is far more practical.  

This exciting potential holds for future students as well. They too, can bask in the glory of a building that they will see one day, and appreciate the school’s dedication to making promises and improving its education system. 

The multi-million dollar Performing Arts Center will no doubt, raise Central High School to its highest potential. It will truly allow the community to dream big and to look forward to a better future, one quickly approaching as the facility takes shape. 

And by the time you know it, the building will be finished by your junior year!

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