Central Students Celebrate as They’re Finally Getting More Homework!

By: Sharon M. Emdin, Fellow Homework Fanatic

After much protest from students, President Davis has now officially made more homework a requirement. Now, we can finally spend all night doing homework, just like we wanted! After the pandemic hit, homework wasn’t the same anymore. Teachers got weak, but students craved more; more time studying, more homework. So we fought, protesting day and night for this. “Spending three hours on just one subject isn’t enough, we want more,” said one student. “We need to be up all night doing homework,”  said another. 

For students, the midterms were an eye-opening experience. We learned that the more work we have during the exam period, the better it was for our mental health. Furthermore, if we want to be more competitive to get accepted into other schools like UPenn, the only solution to rigorously prepare us, would be to give us more homework. It’s such great news that we will now be able to compete for the Ivy Leagues! 

So ladies and gentlemen, get prepared for this new future – a future where we have over eight hours of homework to do. It fills me with such great joy to announce this new beginning for our school; a beginning where we can compete on an even higher level for this school that we all dearly love. Welcome to the future of lengthy homework!

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