Attendance Ineligibility

By: Yocheng Li (285)

A new president has joined Central: Oscar! As we know, the new President  has implemented new rules for attendance ineligibility and not many people are taking a liking to it. The mascot, Griddles, promised to make a difference as the head of student voice. He said that he would try to convince Oscar to get rid of the newly implemented rule since the majority of the student body  thinks it is very unfair and  are all very discontent and in displeasure. As we all welcome Griddles the Mascot’s idea, we know that convincing Oscar is a very difficult task since he does not want any change of his rules that he has implemented. 

Griddles wants to completely change the Attendance ineligibility with his spectacular plan which allows students to have some “oopsies” here and there as he understands no one is perfect unlike Oscar. Griddle will go on and explain his thinking as to why it should be removed, because according to the students, the majority of us voted that playing around and going to class later will improve standardized test scores. Additionally, Griddles will make it fine to be late to class and just to not be at school. Griddles thinks it is fine for students to be late if they are getting good grades and understanding the subject that is given to them. 

Overall, Griddles along with his new team of student voices are trying to remove the attendance ineligibility while arguing with Oscar about additional new ideas.The student voice wants more crazy events for the school, like events that we can dress however we want like flamingos or hippos. We also want events implemented like “wear anything but a book bag day”.

If these are not accepted by Oscar the whole school of students will march to him and call him funny names and boo him. If booing doesn’t work students will go around causing destruction until Oscar accepts the student’s voices.

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