5 Reasons Why You Should Write Essays at the Last Minute

By Fareeha Alam and Atoishy Dayve, Essay Acers

  1. Procrastinating is a strength that will help you succeed in anything you do in life.

Every Central student is bound for success and procrastination is a necessary tool that many students use. When procrastinating, one’s analytical and critical thinking skills are put to the test which is needed for timed exams like the SAT, ACT, AP, and IB tests. Additionally, students make the strategic decision to be efficient at a later time such as the hour before the essay is due, because they know they will always finish their essay on time.

  1. There are always better things to do than writing an essay.

Mentally thinking about one’s essay is a perfect alternative to actually writing it. Real world experiences like going to  parties or binge-watching a TV show can help essay inspiration. Ultimately, procrastination allows one to focus on the things that really matter like mental health and self-care. 

  1. Your ideas flourish the most at the last minute because working under last-minute pressure brings out the best in you.

When you see that clock and realize that you have 10 more minutes to finish your essay, it’s  fight or flight. You either do it or take the L. Even though you have been staring at the screen blankly since  you can’t figure out what to write next, that flight or fight mode flushes your mind with ideas that you could have never thought of until this exact moment. In order to work your best, you need that adrenaline rush, thus creating a well-rounded essay with your ideas that flourished because of the rush. 

  1. You learn to type and write faster. 

Typing is an essential skill that everyone will need to know how to do efficiently. Whenever you procrastinate on your essays, you are simply improving your skill set by learning how to type and write faster which will help you succeed in the future. Becoming a pro at typing fast can be the jumpstart to your eventual career path in whichever field you want to be in because everyone knows that technology is our future. So before you hesitate when thinking about procrastination, just know that you are helping your future self by gaining this essential skill now.

  1. You learn to adapt to things in a short amount of time.

Sometimes the most laid out plans go wrong so writing an essay last minute teaches you to quickly adapt to any situation. This is a key tool in real life because you can’t always have a set plan and know what will happen next. If you learn to adapt to these situations by using skills like putting all of your ideas down instead of perfectly having a plan, you can efficiently work around things and meet the time limit.  This way, you will be prepared for the real world.

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