Girls Basketball’s Achievement Through Adversity

By: Henry Chiles

For the seniors on Central’s girls basketball team, the past few years have been full of disappointment. Senior players Sara Hogan, Kylie Frey, Adriana Araya, and Brianna Feliccitti dealt with Covid-related complications during their freshman and sophomore years, as well as an unfortunate outcome in their junior season. This year has been different, as the team accomplished a 16-2 regular-season record due to the impact of the senior players and the group’s depth of talent.

Head coach Mr. Edwards has valued the senior players’ leadership and passion this season, stating that “this year, everything has fit into place for them physically, mentally, athletically, and they’ve been able to go full bore.” The cohesiveness of the team is apparent on and off the court. Captain Sara Hogan (282) believes that “this team’s bond is like no other. Our chemistry on the court is insane and outside of basketball we are all so close.” The underclassmen make up ten of the fourteen members of the team and three of the starters. This amount of depth is impressive to Coach Edwards, who says that “the next few years can be bright.” As for now, the team is getting ready for an exciting playoff run. 

After such an impressive regular season, the girls’ basketball team believes that they are primed to compete for a championship this year. Coach Edwards is confident that his squad will “get into the final four and make a run at the championship game.” While the team is certainly talented enough to make it far, fan turnout is crucial for the coming games. Hogan voiced her frustration, admitting that “the support for the girls’ basketball team is very disappointing. No one comes to the girls games, but everyone is at the boys games.” The team has had an impressive level of play despite the lack of fans, which they hope will change in the playoffs.

The girls’ basketball team has come together and performed extremely well this season through dedication, ability, and the leadership of senior players. With the potential to make a deep playoff run, it will be exciting to see what this group can achieve.

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