282 September Blood Drive

By Nicole Li 283

In late September 2022, the class of 282 was able to host Central’s traditional senior class blood drive in union with The American Red Cross. From the all-day event, students, staff, and alumni were able to help accumulate and donate a total of ninety-five pints, saving approximately 285 lives. What an incredible contribution to the world from Central High! A statement from each of the co-chairs:

Anjali Dyer ( matter how small you feel, you’ll leave a mark on the world bigger than you could ever imagine.”

Malia Mack ( is a great joy of mine to help better the lives of others and to be able to do so alongside my peers and friends is the ultimate gift.”

Kush Patel ( amazing opportunity to make a difference in someone else’s life, and your own”

Anthony Broadhurst ( was amazing to have the opportunity to save hundreds of lives with one person at a time and to do so with an amazing team”

The next 282 Blood Drive is February 14th, 2023. If you want to donate, or know of someone who might be interested, reach out to one of the co-chairs or follow @centralblooddrive on Instagram for eligibility requirements, questions, updates, and much more!

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