Why is it so hard to pick an outfit?

By: Jayden Vance (284) and Ava Russell (284)

How many times have you stared into your closet this year and found that you had nothing to wear? For many Central students, this is a daily irritation in an already stressful morning routine. The combination of societal expectations for teenagers to look and dress a certain way and the relaunch of the dress code has been an adjustment for many students. Fashion is one of the most common ways of self-expression, and high school students are not an exception. The use of social media, like TikTok and Instagram, has given teenagers a clearer picture of current fashion trends to express themselves, but it is becoming increasingly harder to follow a particular style in an environment that represses students’ individuality.

Modern-day high school students rely on social media; because of this, the content impacts adolescents greatly. Celebrities and social media personalities influence the various styles of many students. Many popular social media accounts got their start by posting their unique fashion choices. They encourage teenagers to express themselves and dress in any way they desire. Social media and society create ideas for so many high school students to dress in whatever way they would like. Due to the many styles available to teenagers, expression through fashion has become very important for students of this generation.

Expression of identity is a crucial part of growing up and is fundamental to social interactions. Conversations can be started by complimenting someone’s outfit, and these interactions can lead to friendships. Noticing someone has similar interests to you through what they are wearing, such as a T-shirt with a band name on it, is a gateway to getting to know new people. This is important, especially in high school, where people branch out and make new friends.

With the relaunch of the dress code in place, students have been forced to change their styles in accordance with the new expectations. This year, students are left figuring out how to continue dressing the way they’d like, all the while making sure it fits the new dress code. After wearing whatever they chose in the past, returning students are now having to form new habits that are compliant with the new rules of the dress code. 

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