The stress of being a student-athlete as a freshman – is it worth it?

By: Nica Jurlando (285)

Hundreds of students at Central participate in sports every season. Whether that sport is soccer, field hockey, or badminton, students are expected to show up to practice every day after school for over two hours. On top of that, student-athletes must keep their grades up to meet the academic standards to remain eligible to play, not to mention the other home and social responsibilities along with it. How do these duties affect students daily, and why would students participate if they’re put under so much stress and pressure? 

According to Girls Tennis team member Zoe Harper (285), “I miss classes, which causes me to lose vital information and fall behind.” So far, Zoe has been handling this issue well by staying up-to-date with her work. However, she imagines it will get more difficult as the year progresses. “The workload will be heavier and teachers will be less lenient.” Still, Zoe says that currently it is not stressful at all, and teachers can help by keeping students updated on things they may have missed.

According to Girls Field Hockey player Sasha Berney (285), “There is always some level of stress regarding school and schoolwork, but I would say that it isn’t too much. If you do not have too much work to do, it’s not that stressful.” 

Neither Zoe nor Sasha says that they regret joining a sport. “It’s great for meeting new people and developing my skills for sports and socializing,” says Zoe. Sasha also says that participating in a sport at Central has helped her become more involved with school activities and traditions, and connects her more with the community. According to Zoe, “If anything, I regret not joining a sport/club at my middle school.” While sports at Central can take up time and be overwhelming for freshmen, they are socially, physically, and mentally beneficial and are a great opportunity for freshmen in many aspects.

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