Teacher Sayings

By: Margaretta Maguire (282)

Teachers: our favorite characters. They keep us guessing, and make our classes much more interesting. And nothing makes our most compelling school stories or lunch time debriefs like the funny or meaningful things our teachers have said. Compiled is a list of some of our interviewees’ favorite teacher sayings/quotes:

  • “Kiddos”- Ms. Woodward
  • “You follow me?”- Mr. Grow
  • “I put on a mask every morning”- Mr. Hover
  • “In all my years of teaching this is the worst class performance I’ve seen”- Ms. Cameron
  • “We can continue talking about eating plastic after the lesson” -Mr. Nadel
  • “Be kind to yourself, take care of each other”- Ms. Date
  • “Polyamory requires consent”- Ms. Virgo
  • “Education will eradicate ignorance, but it can’t fix stupid”- Mr. Fowler
  • “I want my death to be a net-gain for the economy”- Mr. Nagy
  • “Razzmatazz!”- Mr. Bezanis
  • “The youth of America”- Mr. Lobron
  • “Jawn”- Mr. Neuman
  • “Do you understand this?”- physics teacher
  • “Did you know that doing a construction of a hexagon was so simple that it was considered devil’s work so to get into colleges you need to make a construction of a pentagon?” -Mr. Grow
  • “I can dig it” and “True that”- Señora Rodríguez
  • “Asynchy in the stinky”- Mr. Wenger

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