New Club Spotlight: CHS Letters for Destiny

By: Nicole Li (283) and Amy Liao (283)

CHS Letters for Destiny, a student-led non-profit 501(c)3 Organization, was founded in Charlotte, North Carolina by Amya Harris and Jayla Harris. This club is a chance to help make cards for children in hospitals while also earning approved community service hours for Central’s reinstated thirty hour community service requirement, reinstated this year. Three to four Mondays a month, from 3:10PM-4PM, students will be given two opportunities, each either one or two weeks long, where their handmade or e-cards will be sent to a hospital across the country. The cabinet members hope to not only bring smiles and make a difference for pediatric patients in the community of Philadelphia, but across the country. Anyone is welcome to join at any point of the year! 

If you are interested in joining, contact Nicole Li  (283) via email at

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