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In the Limelight: The Addams Family Begins Production

By: Irene Hong (285)

Last year, the Central community celebrated its return to live theater with Shrek the Musical. The next stage is the fall musical, which is The Addams Family: A New Musical. When asked about the challenges expected this season, producers Mr. Peter Kelsey and Mr. Ben Blazer expressed that COVID was a setback and they are “taking the next step to rebuild our program to match what it was before.”

Mr. Kelsey, who is also the assistant director to Mr. Burns and the technical director, said that although the loss of two years was a drawback, “The baggage and expectations from past shows don’t weigh as much–there is less of a precedent of what the show should be or live up to. We get to work with a brand new set of actors and crew members, and we also have adults who are new to Central’s administration, so I get to see their response to experiencing their first show. The new-ness of the productions act like a clean slate.”

The cast and crew are excited to showcase many aspects of the Addams Family, including the work of Central’s stage crew, an entirely student-run club. This year, River Bunster (282) and Linda Jack (282) are the captains. When asked about some of the concepts they are eager to see come to life onstage, River replied, “We have a lot of ideas where the actors can interact with the set and a lot of intricate pieces where we can have a lot of creative freedom.” Linda elaborated on one of the major sets that she is enthusiastic about displaying, saying, “The Addams Family mansion itself is so large and ornate.” Soon enough, the dark structure will be standing tall in the auditorium.

Last but not least, we can not forget about the talented cast members that will be gracing our treasured stage. An interview with ensemble member Rebecca Allen (282) contrasts Shrek with this year’s show from a cast member’s perspective. “Last year was a show that was made up of animals and fairytale creatures, so there was a difference between the way you tell the story with them compared to the way you tell the story with humans, and there is more of a sense of ownership.” She also gives us a glimpse into the plot of the show. “The Addams are this dark, goth family, and they have this amazing dynamic with the more traditional Beineke’s that adds complexity.” The contrasting chaos of the two families, which is one of the main conflicts of the show, could be compared to if you asked the Central and Northeast football teams to get along with each other. If this teaser from Rebecca isn’t enough for you, find yourself and your friends and family a seat in the auditorium on a show night!

“This show can be described as almost magical,” River remarked. “It’ll really draw you into the experience.” Rebecca said, “It is going to be amazing, so funny, and the cast is insane. I feel like this show is going to be the perfect balance between darkness and comedy and hilarity, and the energy is going to be great too.”

Everyone reading has a chance to step into the shadows of the world through an Addams’ eyes this winter season. Keep an eye or two out for when tickets are on sale– the show opens in December. In the words of Rebecca, the experience will be “to die for!”

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