Central’s DND Club Saved From Demise

By: Kyle Lin (283)

Now for those of you who don’t know, you may ask, “What exactly is DND?” Well, DND is short for Dungeons and Dragons, a roleplaying game in which you use your imagination to go on adventures, explore a fictional world, and write your own story. Think of the world of Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, or Star Wars, except you get to play the wicked cool character, and you get to control the world as well as how it develops. Imagine being able to rewrite a bad ending or prevent your favorite character from dying off and getting the end you truly yearned for. That feeling is a fraction of the beauty of DND. Yet, for those more inclined toward an immersive roleplaying experience, DND can be an eye-opener into the morality and nature of people. Behind a fun, jaw-dropping, perhaps tear-inducing narrative where you’re the main character; this game explores the human psyche, different belief systems, and your personality. Despite the bells and whistles, DND is ultimately a medium of self-expression and exploration.     

The DND club itself has faced a period of strife. Last year, the DND club’s sponsor Mr. Trott, an English teacher, had to leave the club, leading it to start a slow and painful death. However, Mr. Fowler later took over the dying club, and the DND club’s rough corpse became a functioning body once more, even if missing a few limbs. The first cabinet election for the new DND club was more of a volunteer service than an actual election, with fancy titles but no real impact. Frankly, the club was a mess and despite an initial surge in membership, the club failed to retain half of the members due to lackluster planning and meetings. The club had no funding on its own but relied on donations from Mr. Fowler and his friends, graciously named the “Cellar Dwellers,” former DND players themselves. However, as the new school year rolled around and Mr. Fowler stabilized the skeletal husk of the club, he made the decision to add some meat to the bones and held real elections to give the corpse a mind of its own. The brains of the body are a council of five club officers, myself included, hoping to truly revive the club. As of writing this article, the club hasn’t been fully publicized but the Franensteined brain(s) in charge are already planning events such as introductory workshops to DND and arts and crafts to create miniatures, tokens, and more, along with providing merchandise. In addition, we hope to get individuals into other TTRPGS (tabletop roleplaying games) and generally have a good time! Swing by room 406 after school on Thursday or join our discord server named “CHAOSS Krewe,” to get more information.

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