Sincerely, 281

By: Sienna Ma (284)

Advice from our senior class.

“Do something that you enjoy and let it work in your favor: start a club, be a leader while doing what you love!”

-Victoria Falendysh

“Figure out what your priorities are, whether it’s your mental state or your education, and focus on that. It’ll probably take some time to figure out, but once you do you won’t regret it!”

-Celina Adomakoh

“First, take classes that you will actually enjoy and are interested in. Take advantage of your class space to try new things instead of pressuring yourself to take AP classes; don’t give yourself unneeded stress unless you can handle it. Second, don’t limit yourself to just trying new clubs, use some of the opportunities you have at school to make new friends. 

Lydia Cummings

“Freshmen: Have fun while it lasts! Go to the pool during your lunch period! Mitosis and meiosis are very different things, I didn’t know that. 

Sophomores: If you don’t like math, why would you double up? I doubled up and I didn’t even take calculus senior year lol. 

Juniors: Good luck! It’s harddddd. Get the chipotle app and cvs extracare for free rewards.”

Lin Lin

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