Girls Lacrosse Makes History

By: Brooke Carrier (282)

The Girls Lacrosse team is on a mission. In all the years of Central lacrosse, the team had never come close to beating their rival, Northeast. This season is different. 

The Lancers faced the Northeast Vikings at the beginning of the season – their very first game. In the first half, Northeast took the lead 8-3. Central fought back fiercely, scoring 5 consecutive goals to tie the game 8-8. With 30 seconds left in the game, Northeast gained possession of the ball and scored to make the final result 9-8. Although Central lost, it was the closest they had ever come to beating Northeast. 

The tables turned on April 26. The Lancers and Vikings confronted each other at the Northeast Supersite for the second time this season. Northeast came out strong, racing to a 4-1 lead. The Lancers did what they do best, and fought back until the score was tied. The teams switched taking the lead for the rest of the game. As the clock was ticking down and the score was 8-8 (same as the first game), the Lancers’ defense made a tremendous stop and safely got the ball to the offensive side of the field, where the attack was able to put the ball in the back of the net. For the first time in history, Central had defeated Northeast! 

There are incredibly talented individuals on the team, but that’s not what makes the group special. It’s the chemistry on and off the field that allows them to play together seamlessly. If Central could beat Northeast once, they can and will do it agin.


The Central Girls Lacrosse team beat Northeast yet again, only this time, it was to win the Public League Championship! At the start of the game, the Lancers raced ahead to a 3-0 lead. Northeast kept trying to sway the momentum their way, but had no luck as Central kept causing turnovers that turned into goals. The final score was 5-2, and for the first time, Central Girls Lacrosse became Public League Champions. The Lancers are fired up and ready to claim the title again next season! 

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