Basement to Fourth Floor- A Hero’s Journey

By: Sienna Ma, Daughter of Kal El

I stretched my limbs as I laid on the floor, pushing myself up into a downward dog position. There was only a minute left before we transitioned into our next class. To say that I was anxious would be an understatement. I was a complete nervous wreck. Now you may be wondering, shouldn’t I have been glad that I was one less period away from the end of the school day? No. I was unfortunate, unlucky, hapless, disastrous, and every other synonym listed on Thesaurus to be stuck with a class on the basement to the fourth floor.

The hideous sound of the bell rang through my ears. It was time to start the one thing I dreaded everyday. I had t-minus 3 minutes to travel up four flights of stairs. Pushing through the heavy stairwell doors, I took deep breaths to calm myself, but paused. I stood there flabbergasted; there was an unnerving amount of students tightly squeezed together on every inch of the stairs. It looked like a mall on Black Friday. Time was ticking, leaving me with no choice but to charge into battle, my thick backpack acting as a shield. 

Everything was absolute chaos. There was pushing, pulling, screaming, and almost all the mayhem you could possibly imagine. Heck, even the smell was atrocious! But through the disgusting stench of sweat and other odors I do not want to think about, there was an oh so familiar hint of the scent of food. The crowd dispersed, and glory set in. It was like the gods had heard my suffering and only spared me because of how annoying my complaining was. I had finally made it to the cafeteria. 

I bent over– throat dry, and muscles worn– breathless. Personally, I am not in bad shape. It’s just that the stairwells of Central are on a whole other level. If it were up to me, it should be turned into an Olympic sport. The stares I received from the students who previously had classes on the second and third floor did not discourage me. In fact, they will never understand the everyday pain I endure. When I first came to Central I did not intend to do a daily cardio workout. Since when was this part of the agreement!?

The second bell had already rung, but that was the least of my concerns. I was losing hope, my legs giving out. Just as I was about to admit defeat, I saw it. There it was, staring back at me: the doors of the fourth floor premises. The lights blinded me, like I arrived at the gates of heaven. A soft breeze had come out of nowhere and blew the hair out of my face. There were only a couple of steps left. Dragging the rest of my body, I used my hands to claw myself up. I’m a survivor. But was the journey worth it? I was met with a blazing hot atmosphere, temperatures at a remarkable gazillion degrees. All of this blood, sweat, and tears shedded just to get to biology. Man, this was only the beginning.

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