8 Ways to Create a Lasting Relationship With Your Hallway Crush!

By: Cierra Lyles, Relationship Advisor

Do you have a case of the butterflies from that special someone? Perhaps you see them on your walk from 4th period to lunch, or when you ironically ask to go to the bathroom every day at the same time? Well, if this applies to you then I am Medina Brite and I am here to give you top-tier advice on how to get your hallway crush to notice you! Have no fear, these methods TOTALLY worked for me with my lover Jackson! 

1- Memorize their schedule  and  routes   

So, after you happen to stumble upon the absolute love of your life just strolling through the Central hallways, the first thing you must do is memorize their schedule. Start small by figuring out their class schedule (this includes periods and teachers). For example, Jackson has lunch 6th period and Spanish 5th period so if I rush from my biology class, I will have an exact 3-second glance of him, just enough to satisfy. Once you become a pro at this, you can start figuring out which routes they take to get to and from each class. This way, you can begin to accommodate your routes to theirs.

2- Stalk their social media, including their Mom’s Facebook 

The best part about social media is that with just one search, you can figure out someone’s entire life. With that being said, find their Instagram! When I found Jackson Montley’s Instagram, I unlocked his entire life. I found out what he ate for dinner on February 5th, 2016, and even the brand of his bike (Miami Citizen). Don’t forget to look at their Mom’s Facebook so you can see all of those cute baby photos. Of course, it took some work to find my future mother-in-law’s Facebook, but after endless nights of research, I finally found it. Jackson had the cutest chubby cheeks!

3- Get your friends to take pictures of them (for your wedding vision board of course!)

My best friend Abby completely supports me and Jackson’s soon-to-be relationship. Abby supports it so much that she even takes pictures of him whenever she happens to see him. That way, I can add them to my “Jackson Pooh” album and print them out. My favorite hobby is collaging pictures of us together and putting them in my scrapbook that we will show our children one day.

4- Find out their interests, even if you don’t find them intriguing

Jackson is the starting quarterback for the Lancers (I know, so so so hot!) and he is the catcher for our baseball team as well. Even though I know nothing about sports, I have watched and recorded all of his games. That way, in case it ever comes up in conversation I could recount every cool play he has ever made. With that being said, find out the interesting facts and memorize them by heart. Maybe even make a Quizlet if that works for you!

5- Make yourself irresistible by wearing their favorite childhood TV show onesie!

During my daily scroll through Mrs. Montley’s Facebook, I found that Jackson’s favorite childhood show was Sesame Street. His mom even posted that he still sleeps with his Elmo stuffed animal every night, so I took it upon myself to buy an Elmo Onesie. I now wear it every Wednesday since I get to see him 3 times in the hall. Make sure that you buy a matching one for them as well, so when you start dating you both can twin!

6- Coincidentally drop your books in front of them and let them pick them up (well, hopefully, they do)

Something I love to do is just drop my books in front of Jackson. Sometimes he just keeps walking, but I understand since he is just so busy during the day. However, he once picked them up and the ways our eyes collided felt as if we were the only two people in the entire world. So heart-melting! 

7- Accidentally bump into them twice a day

The most romantic thing you can do with a hallway crush is to coincidentally bump into them. I do this every Thursday while walking to Spanish class in between the average time of 1:18-1:19 (I journal the times our bodies touch). One time he said to me, “Watch where you’re going!” So romantic!!! I even put that quote in our wedding scrapbook. 

8- Introduce yourself and tell them everything you know about them in order to flatter them!!!

Now that you know everything there is to possibly know about your lover, like what time they brush their teeth, where they went on vacation when they were 6, or even what their favorite color in April of 2019 was, you must introduce yourself! Don’t forget to mention that you are soulmates! 

After introducing myself to Jackson, he has now filed a restraining order against me. He said that he had “No idea” who I was, and was “concerned for his safety around me.” His Mom even blocked me on Facebook. I know he is just playing hard to get. Distance makes the heart grow fonder.  In the meantime, while Jackson continues to play games with my heart, I hope these steps worked out for you!

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