Day in the Life of a Central Student

By: Savannah Smalley (282)


Have you ever wondered about the daily life of a Central student? Central students dished their everyday schedules to show that these high achievers are more than just academics. 

Starting with Lena Johnson (284) (she/her). Lena starts her school day off just like the majority of us. She wakes up for school, sometimes gets breakfast, and begins her day of an “intermediate morning” and a usually “exciting afternoon.” She likes all of her teachers, which she adds that it “helps the day go along pretty quickly.” Afterschool the day gets busy for Lena as she has robotics three days a week, aasu once a week, and meets for the science fair every other week. After all is done, Lena takes a well deserved break after school before she starts her homework that can take her anywhere from 9 to 3 in the morning to complete. Lena is a busy and hardworking student but gets her work done. One notable thing Lena told me about herself was her blackbelt in karate. Though she does not go to practice anymore due to the amount of work that she has,it is very impressive as she told me she’s “done it for over 5 years and started in 4th grade.” she still practices just not in the studio. Overall, Lena Johnson is a very talented and hardworking central student. 

Moving on we have Sinai Mone’t (283) (they/her) who tells me about her passion for dancing. Though they are a great student inside of school, one of the things they spend a lot of time on outside of school is dance. Mondays and Fridays afterschool, Sinai can be found in the studio practicing and even teaching on Saturdays. Sinai does several different types of dance consisting of contemporary, ballet, modern African, etc. due to the fact that they are on a competition team, so they do “a plethora of styles.” A veteran at her craft, Sinai has told me they have been dancing for almost 11 years. It has always been a big part of her life, ever since they were a kid. “I couldn’t sit down… I was always flipping and turning,” they tell me. Sinai uses dance to “escape from reality and… a way to express how you feel.” More specifically, dance is her way of escaping from the rigor of central, so she doesn’t have a problem with maintaining it, though they say “overlapping my homework and my late dance hours is tiring at times.” In her eyes, “every dance has a story and you have freedom to express that story however you please.” Aside from her actual career path, Sinai plans on being a choreographer as well. Sinai never wants to stop dancing as they have done it for so many years and feels as though suddenly stopping “would be a waste.” However, they make it clear that there is nothing wrong with stopping as the dance industry does have many “corrupted aspects.” All in all, Sinai represents one of the hundreds of central students with creative talents outside of school.

Next up we have Kaniyah Atkinson (282) (she/her) who seems to be very content with her school life. Kaniyah starts her day off with a prayer before she does anything, then she showers and prepares to leave her house. She begins her academic journey off with advisory where she says she can, “relax, eat breakfast, catch up on homework and talk to my friends.” Next she tells me about her first period class, US history, with Mr. Lobron. She describes it as a “calm start to the academic day.” Next she has lunch then chemistry though chem can be hard to adjust due to the freedom of lunch then having to switch to a serious chemistry class, though Kaniyah stays focused and gets through it and goes on to her next class which is Spanish 3 with Ms. Gutiérrez. Spanish is usually “fun and exciting” for her. Kaniyah mentions her favorite class to be pre-calc as it is one of her more quiet classes and gives her time to “think and calm during the sometimes hectic day.” Kaniyah is involved in numerous clubs and can be found Monday-Thursday at UNHEARD, period club, AASU, Nexus, and SEAS club. Some hobbies Kaniyah has include reading and writing, yoga, watching movie essay videos, coloring, hair braiding, and bracelet making. On a typical Saturday, Kaniyah does yoga, laundry, chores, homework, and occasional shopping. In conclusion, Kaniyah Atkinson is a very well-rounded person that has interests in just about everything. 

In addition to the up close and personal student interviews I conducted, I also created a few polls to get a broader view on what students do with their time.

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