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The Graphic Novel Club: An Inside Look

By: Deborah Odunuyi (284) 

Despite Central being a college preparatory school, academics are not all it has to offer. Beneath the homework assignments and hours of studying lies opportunities to connect with your peers. An example of those opportunities is joining a club: a bounty at this school. You have the Central Artists Club for those creatively inclined, the Film Club if you’re in love with the camera, and so much more! Just one of the clubs bringing students together is the Graphic Novel Club. 

  The Graphic Novel Club, aimed at combining the art of drawing and writing, was one of the first clubs I joined at Central, and I can honestly say I haven’t been disappointed. A combination of enthusiastic cabinet members, a laid back atmosphere, and captivating activities breeds a playground for creativity to thrive. In order to tell you more about the club and what it’s all about, I sat down with the President of the Graphic Novel Club, Samar Oubarri (281): 

  Why did you start the Graphic Novel Club? 

  I started the club because I love art and I noticed that Central didn’t have a club for people to just draw. Like there’s Art with a Heart – but that’s making crafts for charity, and the Mirror – which is art editing. I wanted Graphic Novel to be a place for artists and writers to come together to create something special.  

 What is it like being president of the Graphic Novel Club?

  Very chaotic, but very fun. Being able to collaborate with my sister and Elliot, the vice president, has been able to breed a very interesting environment. The power of being a leader is a very nice change of pace. 

What fun things do you have planned for the future?

  Actually, we’re planning on partnering with the Centralizer and getting comic strips into the paper! We plan to have graphic novels in a Mirror-like publication. We also hold symposiums where we have prompts, draw, and just have a good time!

What do you hope to accomplish with the Graphic Novel Club? 

  Since I’m a senior, I hope to come back to Central and still be able to see that the club has still continued on. I also want the Graphic Novel publications to be a traditional thing, like the Centralizer or the Mirror. 

What’s your favorite graphic novel/comic? 

Definitely the Amulet series!

  If you’re interested in joining the club, new members are always welcomed. Stop by room 8 on Thursdays after school!


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