The Gossip Lancer: A Product of CHS Film Club

By: Hannah Thomas (283)

The Film Club, founded last year by Oore Ogunyinka (281) and Gabriella Wong (281) was made to build a diverse community of people who enjoy film and acting. The two were both very interested in film and wanted to see much more diversity in the film industry, so they took it upon themselves to form a club. Gabriella said, “At first it was just a joke between us, but it eventually turned into something real.” 

One of their previous projects included a game show called Imposter, with a premise of a group of five upperclassmen and two freshmen where everyone had to find out who the freshmen were without seeing distinguishable features.

Members love the club and have wonderful things to say about it. Susannah Hughes (283), a lead writer of their upcoming show, TATTLETALE, said, “Everyone is supportive of each other and I made many friends here.” Deedee McLendon (281), the treasurer of the club said, “The people are my favorite part of the club, everyone is happy and it’s a positive place.” Angela Varughese (283), the intern next in line for the presidential seat said, “The community was built on the same common goal, entertainment, and everyone is able to joke around with each other.”

TATTLETALE, written by Hughes and Hannah Thomas (283) “follows an enthusiastic new student who encounters a social media page, ‘The Gossip Lancer’. With help from their new friend group, the New Lancer adjusts to Central, while addressing the problems that this social media page causes.” The Film Club is planning five episodes, which are each about thirty minutes long.  It is a long-term project, aimed to be completed sometime this calendar year.

Other projects they plan on creating this year include something about this year’s International Day, various club showcases and advertisements, and a game show called “Extra Credit,” which is to be released in the latter half of the year.

PC: Film Club Instagram

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