Arts and Entertainment

New June

By: Eva Bevan

Like many Central students, when the bell rings every 45 minutes, I snatch up my headphones, hoping to listen to my most recent favorite song or album. Music transports many of us into a different world for those short two-minute intervals. Sometimes it can inspire people to take a step further, pursuing its creation. For Makaya Smyth (281), music has always been a constant love in her life. You can catch her streaming Taylor Swift in every free moment she gets. The fun of performance, an outlet for creativity, and lasting connections music brought her was something special. Makaya went to GAMP for middle school, where she participated in all the available musicals and performances. She recalls being in School of Rock and “loving the attention.” When she got to Central, she joined Central’s choir including concert choir and madrigals and continued to be in the offered musicals. Central is also where she met the second member of her band, New June. 

Makaya and her friend Maddie Church (281) bonded over their shared love for music. It was exciting to discuss, listen to, and even create together. This kicked off their journey to produce songs. Currently, New June has two songs available on Spotify. My personal favorite is their latest release, “Boyfriends.” Halfway through the week and just need that extra push? Stream this. I would recommend listening on your commutes back and forth to school. It feels like a song that could pick you up at 3:15 on a Wednesday afternoon. When I asked Makaya about the creative process that went into “Boyfriends,” she explained the experience as fun and collaborative. Maddie “does the creative part,” of writing the lyrics, music, and putting it all together and Makaya offers suggestions, input, and stories. They both sing the songs! It’s an adventure! Although the lyrics discuss the heart-wrenching pain that comes along with high school romance, there is a lightness to the sound.

Some of the songs have been based on the many connections and experiences the pair have had while at Central. As a senior reflecting upon her last three years at the school, Makaya thinks that the bonds and friendships she has formed are the most important thing she has gotten out of the “Central experience.” She says to “be outgoing whether that is with friends, peers, or even teachers.” As we all know, Central is HARD. Hard on us mentally, physically, and socially. But it is a special place. We are all drawn together by the hardships and struggles. Forming relationships are what will get you through the challenging years that are ahead. For all of the 283s and 284s that are looking for any advice, listen to Makaya. In the swarming hallways, you may just find your very own band member. Also, go stream “Boyfriends” and “Runaway”! Makaya has got some amazing vocals. 

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