A Student’s Guide to Lunch at Central

By: Georgia Wahl, Sarah Currie, Una Liu 

Where to sit at lunch? The age-old question! Want some tips? Look no further. Supported by data from the student body, quotes from peers, and generally correct opinions on everything, our writers present to you the Students Guide to Lunch at Central.

For starters, if you’re not up to date, here is some crucial info that Vice President Scott provided. There are three places you can eat: lunchroom, auditorium, and outdoor lawn. If you look at the blue stools in the cafeteria, you might realize that there is tape on it that looks like an X. These strange marks are intended to ensure Central stays safe during the pandemic and socially distant. Additionally, students should socially distance themselves and keep their masks on when they aren’t eating. 

You know where you can eat, I bet you’re just desperate to know where you should eat. Well, fear not, your fellow Central students, as always, have lots to say about the issue.


For many students, a school cafeteria is a familiar place where they have spent their lunch since kindergarten. Our writers surveyed the best places to eat. Central students rank the cafeteria as the worst place to eat. It is the loudest, most crowded, and least COVID safe compared to the outdoor lawn and auditorium. Nevertheless, Sophomore Richard Shi commented, “I like sitting in the cafeteria cause with a table many things can be done.” Richard does make a crucial point. Unlike the lawn or auditorium, the cafeteria has a table for you to do your homework. The cafeteria is near everything you need: school lunch, Central’s wide range of vending machines, boasting a range of snacks (chips, candy, cookies, and more), and even ice cream. 

Outdoor Lawn

The cafeteria can be too much for some of our students, and I think we can all agree that we’ve been stuck inside for far too long. While coming back to school has been great, it doesn’t change the fact that we’re inside for about eight hours at least every day. But, there is a solution… the outdoor lawn! The outside lawn is the perfect place to get your fresh air and, according to over fifty percent of Central students, the perfect place to eat lunch! The lawn has been ranked the quietest, least crowded, and most COVID-safe spot to eat lunch on our campus. Sophomore Safayat Rasfiq commented “My favorite spot is the lawn behind the school. The area is big so you can safely distance yourself from other people. It’s also a nice place if you want to play football during lunch.” So, sit back and relax in the summer sun or autumn breeze on Central’s vast outdoor lawn


Flowers aren’t everyone’s thing, and grassy fields aren’t the ideal place to whip out those physics notes. Are you looking for a quiet, comfortable place to study? If yes, the auditorium might be the ideal place for you to spend your lunch. As far as Covid goes, the auditorium has a lot more opportunities to socially distance, since it is less populated and more spacious. “My favorite lunch spot to eat in is the auditorium, specifically seats near the doors because leaving the room is easier and being able to social distance is also an option,” says Sophomore Bella Li. It’s obvious to say that the auditorium, just like the cafeteria and outside lawn, has its pros and cons, but is overall a lovely place to eat, work, or hang with your friends.

Even though Covid has taken away the freedom of eating wherever you would like in the school, mainly the hallways, there are still three outstanding choices for Central students to choose from. The best part of all of this is that we get a choice. It’s like picking your own adventure! We hope this guide will aid you in your quest for the perfect lunch spot, and we hope even more that you don’t come to take our favorite spots.

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